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  1. Tajinder Singh

    Hi natasha its really knowledgeable things and thanx for
    send me these conversations

  2. savita

    its really very useful ..thank you so much and i am waiting for your next email..

  3. nutan luthra insan

    really good keep on sending .may god bless you with great calibre

    happy new year dear natasha

  4. Marcos

    That’s perfect! Exactly the same way I usually teach my students. It’s good to have an English native speaker to lead you through the right way to speak everyday and useful phrases.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. SUMI

    Dear Natasha
    I am a Receptionist, so it is very helpful for me.
    Thanks so much for your Article
    Awaiting more and more

  6. Alla

    Very good and very helpful topic.
    Thank you.

  7. ashfaq qureshi

    Be happy healthy and wealthy.

  8. keeran

    It was very knowledge topic and will help me in future.
    Thanks for sending to me. Want more topics

  9. SUMI

     Dear Natasha
    I have a doubt,
    “Excuse me, who are you trying to reach?”
    In this setence “who are you trying to reach or whom are you trying to reach”
    which is correct madam? Kindly solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sumi,
      Thank you for the excellent question. Indeed, in classical grammar, it should be Whom are you trying to reach?” But in colloquial English we say Who are you trying to reach?” WHO is often used instead of WHOM. For example, Who do you recommend I call? OR: Who are you looking for?

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  10. karthi

    thanksssss its great

  11. Irina

    Hi, Natasha!
    It is a very usefully and needing information: Telephoning. Thank you for send me.

  12. Irina

    Hi, Natasha!
    Thank you for your message. It is necessary to learn this dialogue and communicate in English.

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