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  1. omnia

     mum , the article need more , but thatnk you alot for your e-mails . 

  2. mirza

    Thanks for sending  so beautiful communication tips.I reary need such types of tips
    I am waiting for your mails


  3. Alla

    Great! I definitely will use these phrases at work.
    Thank you

  4. Nagen

    Thanks for improvising the communication process. can you mail me the usage of the phrase ” I wondered/ I was wondering…

  5. eduardo

    Thanks Natasha for all these great tips…We really need them..sometimes think we are saying the right thing and we are not..i hope to continue getting more help from you for long. keep going!

  6. Agus Indra G

    THat’s very useful for me.
    Send me some notification more

  7. Richard

    This is very interesting for someone who is learnig Eglish. please send us other tips you will judge necessary.  we need to communicate. Thank you.

  8. liza mamauag

    I do appreciate this article. Sometimes i am being misunderstood of my way of communicating with people around me, so it’s of great help on my part. Thank you miss Natasha. More power and God bless!

  9. kamal

    it’s great, thank you very much, i need more and more from you because i feel that i very week in spoken english. 

  10. magdi

    explanatin is in a very nice and easy way,thanks a lot for adding this valuable tips to me.


  11. Deena Smith

    I really appreciate the tips about the pharases use “do you understand me”. I find it to be very helpful as I here it all the time and it does come off as if someone is intellectually challenged in some way. I will pass on the tip to someone I know….it does seem as though when the phrase is used in a casual conversation it appears rude to ask “do you understand me” when the other person never stated they didn’t understand a word the person is saying…quite the communication barrier and inappropriate.

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